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Yellow and Green Self Care Photocentric Ebook Cover 2
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Charity & Fundraising Events
13 Apr 2024

GCA Dallas 25th Easter Fundraising Gala Dinner: A Night of Elegance and Purpose

117 S Watson Rd. Arlington, TX 76010

🌟 Join us for an unforgettable celebration at the GCA Dallas 25th Easter Fundraising Gala Dinner! 🌟 Experience an evening

GCA Dallas 25th Easter Fundraising Gala Dinner: A Night of Elegance and Purpose

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VIP Ticket with Donation - $200 (59 seats remaining)
Gala Dinner & Picnic Ticket - $75 (155 seats remaining)
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Embark on a journey of cultural exploration with Agritz Fresh. Meet our featured vendors, passionate individuals who bring unique stories, craftsmanship, and cultural inspirations to your fingertips. Discover the rich tapestry of our marketplace, where every product has a story to tell. Explore now and connect with the vibrant narratives behind each creation.

Discover the Richness of Africa: Jibril Enterprise

Welcome to Jibril Enterprise, where our passion lies in sharing the richness of Africa's botanical treasures. We are dedicated to contributing to a more sustainable and diverse global food system. Explore the authentic flavors and wholesome goodness that our products bring to your table.

Experience Radiant Beauty with AdukeSignature's Luxurious Lotions

Indulge in the essence of beauty with AdukeSignature, your go-to destination for a diverse range of luxurious beauty lotions. Our carefully curated selection is designed to pamper and elevate your skincare routine, offering a blend of quality ingredients that cater to various skin types. Discover the transformative power of our lotions, each crafted to provide nourishment, hydration, and a radiant glow.
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Dive into the heart of cultural conversations! Our forums are buzzing with insights, discussions, and shared experiences. Explore, share your thoughts, and connect with a global community passionate about diversity and discovery.

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Embark on a journey of discovery at Agritz Fresh. Our marketplace is more than a shopping destination; it’s a celebration of global cultures, a showcase of local businesses, and a treasure trove of authentic finds. Join us and experience the unique blend of culture and commerce. Shop, connect, and celebrate diversity with Agritz Fresh.

Multicultural Beauty Exclusives: Discover Diverse Products at Agritz to Enhance Your Beauty Routine

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Agritz Fresh has opened my eyes to a world of cultural wonders. The products are not just items; they're stories, traditions, and a true celebration of diversity. Every purchase feels like a journey!

Sarah Thompson New York, NY

As a chef, Agritz Fresh is my secret ingredient for bringing global flavors to my kitchen. The quality is exceptional, and I love supporting local businesses from around the world.

Javier Rodriguez Los Angeles, CA

Being part of Agritz Fresh feels like being part of a global family. The unique finds, the cultural insights, and the sense of community make it more than just a marketplace—it's an experience.

Emily Chen Chicago, IL

Agritz Fresh has become my go-to for one-of-a-kind gifts. The handcrafted items tell a story, and I love surprising my friends and family with treasures from different corners of the world.

Carlos Santos Miami, FL

Authentic Flavors, Cultural Delights: Discover the True Taste of Tradition at Agritz

Moroccan Shallow Plate kasria Deep Bowl Gsaa Casriya Couscous Kesariya 18 inches

🔥 34 items sold in last 7 days


30119- Gold Plated Earrings

🔥 35 items sold in last 7 days


Escabella Whitening Snail Soap: Brighten Your Skin with Snail Secretion Filtrate

🔥 26 items sold in last 7 days

Elevate your skincare routine with Escabella Whitening Snail Soap. Experience the remarkable benefits of snail secretion filtrate combined with skin-brightening properties. Achieve a radiant and youthful complexion with each use.

4 Climbing Jade Vine Seeds to Plant Mucuna Sempervirens

🔥 30 items sold in last 7 days


4817- Gold Plated Bangle/Bracelet

🔥 43 items sold in last 7 days


20 Hybrids Mix Cactus Seeds Succulent Perennial Flowering Cacti Seed Blooms 596

🔥 22 items sold in last 7 days


West Indian Laurel Fig Ficus americana 10 Seeds (Fast Shipping )

🔥 35 items sold in last 7 days


1PC Handmade Rice Milk Soap Collagen Vitamin Skin Whitening Acne Pore Removal Moisturizing Rice Milk Soap

🔥 42 items sold in last 7 days

1PC Handmade Rice Milk Soap Collagen Vitamin Skin Whitening Acne Pore Removal Moisturizing Rice Milk Soap.

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